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Our partnerships forge a bold path for a new model of healthcare and your daring transformation.

Our partnerships forge a bold path for a new model of healthcare and your daring transformation.

Our Approach to Transformation


Our hospital medicine software suite, iMED harnesses real-time, physician-generated data to provide analytics, reporting, communication, and a knowledge base to support value-based clinical decisions at the point of care.

iMED robust analytics and integrated key quality metrics, benchmarked to evidence-based standards, provide the framework for prioritizing change, while fostering an environment of continual improvement.


We achieve operational success through aligned goals and management expertise. SMPs partnered Physician and Operational leaders bring our client hospitals expertise in how to manage physician teams to standardize care, reduce costs, transform culture, and improve outcomes. Our processes are not theoretical—they are actionable, integrated, and metric-focused.


SMP partners  with hospitals to identify staffing needs and recruits a clinical team to meet organizational goals. We take a strategic approach to plan, recruit, hire, and train top quality hospitalists that will add long term value to the hospitals, patients, and communities they serve.

iMED Analytic Capabilities

✔   CPT Distribution
✔   Real-time and time sequenced
✔   Case distribution by DRG
✔   CPT Distribution
✔   Referral Patterns
✔   Bundle Payment Identification
✔   CC/MCC Capture Rates
✔   Readmission Rates

Moving the needle

To successfully transform the performance of a facility, hospital executives and physicians need access to information that gives targeted, real-time feedback. Analytics generated by our iMED technology, paired with SMP’s proven performance improvement practices, offer clear pathways to target challenges with smart, nimble solutions.

Together, lets transform your current practices into a value-based care model.

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