CFIM has developed its own proprietary technology focused on operational improvements and exceptional clinical outcomes. IMed is a fully interactive, real time, practice automation system designed to monitor patients across all care lines improving appropriate peer to peer communication, quality initiatives and operational workflows. The ability to monitor clinical variations with comparative data creates opportunities to drive clinical performance and operational decision making. .


CFIM utilizes its proprietary technology along with workflow automation to create transparency and visibility across nine separate divisions creating a fully integrated continuum of care from the Emergency Department all the way to the patients home. The historical “transitions of care” gaps are narrowed providing a technological safety net for our patients and community partners. These workflow automations, communication protocols and reporting tools is a driver and differentiator for CFIM as well as its partners in the community. Operational alignment, standardized processes and protocols with full transparency are the focal points creating a more effective, efficient and successful delivery of healthcare in the markets we serve.


CFIM recognizes that its people are a critical component to the success of the organization as a whole and the patients we serve. Creating a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization to align all stakeholders is one of the over-arching goals of the Company. We encourage engagement and collaboration with all of our partners in the community to align objectives and produce quality outcomes to the benefit of our partners and most importantly our patients.